Regardless if you suck at writing, are bad at speeches, or have no idea where to start

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Which one of these statements best describes you:

  • Coach who’s new to speaking with no clue what to talk about

  • Service provider who hated Speech class and turning in English term papers

  • Consultant who wants to avoid sounding like a used car salesmen on stage

You’ve just discovered the value of using speaking to market and sale your offerings, but that’s about how far you’ve gotten.

At first you were looking everywhere for gigs, but then a light bulb clicked on:

“I don’t know what to talk about!”

You sat down, broke out a notebook and tried to make a list, but 3 bullet points and a doodle or two later, you haven’t made much traction.

You’re starting to wonder if this strategy is really for you.

Speaking is DEFINITELY for you; you just need a little help!

Spending weeks inside of an online course or months in some coaching program isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

You just want to write your speech, is that too much to ask?

Not at all!

If you’re ready to map out your speech, then it’s time to schedule your 1:1 session with me so you can learn The Signature Formula.


Save yourself the headache of trying to research and having to go back to English class, and fully develop your signature speech in one go!

This 3 hour intensive is a 1:1 session where you’ll learn my plug and play process for developing professional speeches and improving speech performance.

You’ll walk away with your signature speech in hand, ready to be shared with the world!

Here’s everything you’ll experience in this productive one and done appointment:

  • Structure/organize your content in a professional manner

  • Captivate your audience with strong openings, storytelling, and an inspirational close

  • Enhance your content with The Signature Formula workbook

  • Eloquently position your Signature Solution for purchase

  • Develop your verbal sales copy and embed sales psychology throughout

  • Improve your stage presence

  • Learn strategies for powerful performance


 Think about how this program can make this entire process a whole lot easier.

Imagine not having to do hours of research trying to figure out how to properly structure your speech and what should be included.

Imagine a speech that not only knocks the socks off of your audience, but builds your bank account every time you deliver it.

Instead of struggling with draft after draft of poorly written speech ideas, balling them up and tossing them in the corner, think about how amazing it’s going to feel to finally cross this off your to do list.

You’ll use this plug-and-play strategy again and again to generate more signature speeches as your impact through speaking grows.

Who cares if you’re not that great at writing or are bad at giving speeches.

You don’t have to relive those tedious hours of English 101.

Writing your signature speech isn’t all that complicated... if you have the right formula.

Schedule your discovery call with me today. Let’s chat about your goals with speaking and I share insight to turning them into a reality.