Activate the profit power of speaking in your business (even if you’re afraid to speak in public, aren’t sure where to start, or have no clue how to get engagements)

You’re a consultant. A service provider. An author. A coach.

You’re past the struggle bus days in your business (Thank you Lord Jesus!) and are making consistent income every month.

But it’s not enough.

You’ve been stuck on this financial plateau for a while now, frustrated because you can’t seem to get past the same $3-5,000 cap.

You’ve set aggressive income goals to scale your business, and that $40-60k a year just won’t cut it.

Or maybe you’re just on the edge of hitting the 6 figure mark, but you haven’t been able to break through that ceiling.

Your current strategies are great, but you’ve been looking for a solution to take you to the next level.

Plus, some of these tactics are taking too much time away from friends, family, and leisure activities, so this new solution has to be easy to execute without becoming another burdensome activity.


 You need a strategy that's simple, effective, and profitable.


 You see all these other entrepreneurs out here slaying in their industries, wondering,

“Am I missing something?!”

Yeah, you are.

You have systems to make your business run smoothly operationally. You have a strong brand, deliver top notch services, and know your shit backwards and forwards.

What’s missing isn’t another trendy strategy. What’s missing is your speaking platform.


Ambitious entrepreneurs like you scale their businesses through a profitable speakers strategy.


 You don’t have time for strategies with a huge learning curve.

You’re trying to keep your overhead cost down, you don’t need something that requires additional software subscriptions.

All you need is a solution that helps you convert clients and increase your income without all the fuss. Let’s reclaim your time; it’s time to build your speaker’s platform.

If you’re about to have a panic attack, reach for the nearest brown paper bag and take slow deep breaths.

I would NEVER put you in a situation you were uncomfortable in. I wouldn’t want anybody to do that me either.

“But Gernae, don’t we have to step out of our comfort zone to be profitable?”

Hell. NO.

The beauty of speaking is that it’s so fluid, that you can adapt a strategy that works at the level you’re at. You don’t have to imitate Tony Robbins, walk robotic like across a stage, or pump up a crowd with a larger than life story.

All you need to do is be yourself, and let me show you how to make speaking work specifically for your needs as the speaker.


 Let me show you how to create an authentic speakers strategy that suits your unique expertise and comfort level with speaking.


If you want to quickly and effectively jumpstart your efforts, and receive expert guidance to hold you accountable, with the full support of an online community of speakers who are serious about building their businesses, then I invite you to join my program, Speak For Profit.


Speak For Profit is a 7 week online program to fully equip you for converting clients and increasing income through speaking.

This course is uniquely designed to teach entrepreneurs how to position their services and products through a lucrative communication strategy, from speaking in public settings, to one on one interactions. When you command your speech, you become a master of sales.

I’ve filled it to the brim with valuable content AND applicable tools to help you jump start your platform, and experience real results, quickly and effectively.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s included in the program:

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Module One is a crash course within the course. Here you’ll learn about the speaking industry, and how to expertly use speech as a sales and marketing tool. It includes in depth information on where to speak, developing your speaking style, and getting paid to speak.

$300 Value

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Module two is where you’ll develop your custom speaking strategy, tailored specifically to to suit your unique expertise and comfort level with public speaking. You’ll learn how to align your signature offer with your speech strategy, properly set your speaking income goals, select your authentic speaking mediums, create your client journey, and design your speaker one sheet or receive feedback on your current rendition.

$500 Value

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Module three is where you’ll set yourself up for speaker success by formulating a talk that positions your business for profit. Here you’ll masterfully structure your speech through professional organization, learn how to engage your audience through captivating openings and inspirational closes that appeal to the senses, create a tool for empowering your listeners, and receive strategies to help you master your speech performance.

$700 Value

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odule four is where you’ll learn exactly how to sell your signature services and products confidently without coming off as too salesy or pushy. You’ll develop your verbal sales pitch, convert into a written sales page, and embed your offer into your presentation.

$500 Value

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Module five is my favorite module because this is where students receive a comprehensive system for filling up their calendars and getting paid to speak. You’ll learn processes for cold pitching, networking, website lead generation, identify exactly who to target while prospecting, and get organized through simple leads management.

$5,000 Value

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The last module highlights a process that’s neglected by most speaking programs, and that’s caring for the event planner that hires you. In module six, you’ll learn how to provide superior service for your event clients, so they’ll leave you rave reviews and happily bring you referral business. This is where you’ll build your customer experience journey for before, during, and after the event.

$1,000 Value


On top of all of this, I’ve also included amazing bonuses valued at $8,350 exclusively for my students!

  • You’ll have access to a private FB community where you’ll work, learn and grow together with your fellow students.

  • Take advantage of weekly coaching office hours where I’ll go live in our private community to answer questions and build on the material from that week. My goal is to make sure no one slips through the cracks, that everyone knows exactly how to apply what we’re learning to their business.

  • Another amazing bonus are the speaker challenges placed throughout the curriculum to help you master your material and the art of speaking.

  • I’ve also provided mastery lessons as a bonus. There’s a content bonus that will help you cultivate content across all your platforms that converts your audience into paying customers.

  • Once the modules have been covered, you’ll receive a 90 day action plan to help you activate everything you learned in the program to ensure your books are filled and your bank account is growing.

  • The program is 100% live, but you’ll have access to all the lessons in an online classroom I’ve built for you. This is also where you’ll be able download templates, scripts, mp3s and other supplements I’m creating exclusively for my students.

  • The final bonus is MAJOR for two reasons. First of all, all Speak For Profit students will receive lifetime access to the program. That means as long as this program exists, you will be able to read, review, and reprocess all of the material to keep your speakers platform sharpened to perfection. Secondly, if you decide to join me in this experience, you’ll get to enjoy all future updates and additions to the course at no cost to you.


 Yes, Speak For Profit is jam packed with strategies to ensure your success and is valued at just over $18,000. But I want to make it accessible to as many entrepreneur speakers as possible, so I’m not going to offer it at that price.

But just for a second, imagine that cost was no option. Ask yourself…

If all this program did was show you how to leverage speaking as a tool for generating 4 and 5 figure events, would it be worth the investment?

If the only thing you walked away with was a dynamic signature speech that helped you convert listeners into paying clients at every event you spoke at, would you participate?

If all you gained was an extremely detailed action plan for jumps tarting your profitable speaker’s strategy in 90 days or less, what would that do for your business?

I know what you’re thinking.

“Gernae, this program is a-mazing, and I definitely can see how it could benefit my business.. But enough already, girl! How much does it cost?!”

Speak For Profit is just $1,997.


That's right! You can become an expert at entrepreneurial speaking, develop your unique speaker's strategy, develop your signature speech, master the art of selling from the state, implement a system for making a profit from your engagements, create your Keynote Client Care experience, and engage in weekly coaching office hours, have access to the bonus material and private FB community, and participate in the speaker challenges. All for $1,997. That’s over $16,000 in savings for this fully equip online program that you can access FOR LIFE.

And yes, payment plans are available.

If you want to stop being limited by your income and start converting clients and raising your profit margin through public speaking, then Speak For Profit was designed specifically for you.


 Now I want to introduce you to a few students who have sampled the SFP curriculum. It’s one thing for me to tell you how valuable the program is, but it’s another for you to hear it from other entrepreneurs like you.


-Gayon Bramwell

I don’t want anyone who wants to participate to miss out on this exclusive offer. Have courage and enroll now.




Speak For Profit is a 7 week online program to teach entrepreneurs how to convert clients and increase their income through speaking. This course is uniquely designed to teach you how to position your services and products through a lucrative communication strategy.


Speak For Profit is best suited for consultants, service providers, and coaches. Authors and speakers will also find the content highly valuable. This is NOT a speech coaching program; this program teaches you how to make money speaking. If you want to focus the art of speaking, I recommend joining your local Toastmasters club or hiring a speech coach.


Speak For Profit is valued at over $18,000 but is being offered for just $1,997.


The next cycle of Speak for Profit begins in April 29th. Stay tuned for more information.


Enrollment closes 7 days after enrollment opens.


You’ll receive your login credentials to join me inside the SFP classroom through email.


4 payment schedules are available. Option one is to pay for the program in full . Option 2 are two equal monthly payments. Option 3 is a 3 equal monthly payments. Option 4 is 4 monthly payments.


Shoot me an email to SFP@gernaealexander.com

Don’t let the fear of speaking stop you from achieving the biggest payday you’ve ever experienced. All the keys to success are right here, in this moment. All you have to do is say yes, and I’ll guide you to victory.

Join Speak For Profit today. It’s going to change EVERYTHING.