Activate the profit power of speaking in your business (even if you’re afraid to speak in public, aren’t sure where to start, or have no clue how to get engagements)


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You’re a consultant. A service provider. An author. A coach.

You’re past the struggle bus days in your business (Thank you Lord Jesus!) and are making consistent income every month.

But it’s not enough.

You’ve been stuck on this financial plateau for a while now, frustrated because you can’t seem to get past the same $3-5,000 cap.

You’ve set aggressive income goals to scale your business, and that $40-60k a year just won’t cut it.

Or maybe you’re just on the edge of hitting the 6 figure mark, but you haven’t been able to break through that ceiling.

Your current strategies are great, but you’ve been looking for a solution to take you to the next level.

Plus, some of these tactics are taking too much time away from friends, family, and leisure activities, so this new solution has to be easy to execute without becoming another burdensome activity.


 You need a strategy that's simple, effective, and profitable.


 You see all these other entrepreneurs out here slaying in their industries, wondering,

“Am I missing something?!”

Yeah, you are.

You have systems to make your business run smoothly operationally. You have a strong brand, deliver top notch services, and know your shit backwards and forwards.

What’s missing isn’t another trendy strategy. What’s missing is your speaking platform.


Ambitious entrepreneurs like you scale their businesses through a profitable speakers strategy.


 You don’t have time for strategies with a huge learning curve.

You’re trying to keep your overhead cost down, you don’t need something that requires additional software subscriptions.

All you need is a solution that helps you convert clients and increase your income without all the fuss. Let’s reclaim your time; it’s time to build your speaker’s platform.

If you’re about to have a panic attack, reach for the nearest brown paper bag and take slow deep breaths.

I would NEVER put you in a situation you were uncomfortable in. I wouldn’t want anybody to do that me either.

“But Gernae, don’t we have to step out of our comfort zone to be profitable?”

Hell. NO.

The beauty of speaking is that it’s so fluid, that you can adapt a strategy that works at the level you’re at. You don’t have to imitate Tony Robbins, walk robotic like across a stage, or pump up a crowd with a larger than life story.

All you need to do is be yourself, and let me show you how to make speaking work specifically for your needs as the speaker.


 Let me show you how to create an authentic speakers strategy that suits your unique expertise and comfort level with speaking.


If you want to quickly and effectively jumpstart your efforts, and receive expert guidance to hold you accountable, with the full support of an online community of speakers who are serious about building their businesses, then I invite you to join my program, Speak For Profit.


Speak For Profit is a 7 week online program to fully equip you for leveraging public speaking to sell more of your services and products.

My students thrive because as they are learning to master the art of sales, they create an additional stream of income that compliments what they already do. I teach them how to build profitable speaking platforms to gain more clients and increase their revenue.

This course is uniquely designed to teach entrepreneurs how to position their services and products through a lucrative communication strategy. From speaking in public settings, to one on one interactions, when you command your speech, you become a master of selling your signature offerings.

If you want to stop being limited by your income and start converting clients and raising your profit margin through public speaking, then Speak For Profit was designed specifically for you.


Book your free discovery call today. Find out more about the Speak For Profit program and let’s talk about how leveraging public speaking can make your business more profitable.





Speak For Profit is a live 7 week online program to teach entrepreneurs how to leverage public speaking to create an additional stream of income, gain more clients, and sell more of their services and products.


Speak For Profit is best suited for consultants, service providers, freelancers, and coaches. Authors and speakers will also find the content highly valuable.


Classes are held periodically throughout the year. Book your complimentary discovery call to find out when the next cycle is.


Book your complementary discover call to learn more about my signature program and find out if it is a good fit to help you accomplish your goals in speaking.