Public speaking is one of the most powerful strategies for increasing the profit margins in your business.

Now before you go running and screaming into the night, sit down, take a deep breath, and lean in. For some, the idea of speaking in public terrifies them more than going head to head with a lion!

But with courage and the right strategy, you will be a beastly communicator, and that fear that you have now will be replaced with roaring confidence. Let me let you in on something.

There are MAJOR misconceptions of who a speaker is and what a speaker does.

You DO NOT have to be the next Mel Robbins! You don’t need to become certified, go back to school, or try and sound like MLK Jr. on the microphone.

You don’t even need a physical stage!

Speaking isn’t just for motivation: it is first and foremost a sales and marketing tool! Speaking is fluid with your current strategies and compliments your PR efforts, helping you master communication in a manner that advances all of your other customer interactions.

When you command your speech, you can persuade skeptics to give your services a chance, negotiate your contract, and close more client accounts for your business.

And I’m here to help you every step of the way.



Jump on a free 30 minute call with me and receive my recommendations for building a custom speaking strategy to help you convert clients and increase your income with ease.

There are 3 ways I serve my clients: Coaching, courses, and intensives.

With my coaching services, we work together on a 1:1 basis and I guide you through all the proper steps for achieving your goals with speaking. You’ll receive firm direction, growth assignments, and learn to master strategies to make you independent in your successful speaker’s journey.

My online courses allow you to work independently at your own pace through content I’ve provided to help you develop your signature speech, sell with ease from the stage and beyond, land speaking engagements, and more. They include a robust curriculum inside a well organized online classroom, prerecorded video lessons, templates, worksheets, downloads and more.

My One & Done intensives are where we knock out everything you need to accomplish your goal in one single 3 hour session. When you set up your complimentary discovery call, we’ll determine which is the best option to suit your unique needs.

Here’s a little more information about the intensive programs.

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You’re a busy woman.

Your business is thriving and keeping you plenty occupied with meeting potential partners and conversing with prospects.

You may be balancing it with a full time job or also working in your passion in another area.

Maybe you have a family to care for and little ones to chase after.

The point is that you don’t have time to waste. Time is your biggest asset, and right now may not be ideal for you to enroll in a course or participate in a coaching program.

That’s why I’ve created One & Done intensives. This is the perfect solution for consultants, service providers, and coaches who want to work directly with me, but whose time is limited.

These 3 hour intensives are designed for you to get in and get out in a timely fashion, walking away with your project completed and ready to be activated in your business.

Check out these amazing options below (more coming soon):

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A simple yet effective way to organize leads and getting paid to speak. Learn all 6 strategies for making money through speaking, filling up your calendar and more.


Develop a dynamic speech that’s impactful, engaging, and converts listeners into paying clients.


Want to learn the exact framework for building a profitable entrepreneurial speaking platform? Sign up for my free masterclass keynote to cash.

This 90 minute presentation will help you gain clarity in unlocking the unlimited potential of public speaking for consultants, service providers, and coaches.