Finally, a speaking Program designed with the entrepreneur in mind.

Lisa Nichols.

Grant Baldwin.

Les Brown, and countless others.

All of them champions in the speaking industry, but the truth is that none of them aspire to the unique needs of the entrepreneur speaker. Most speaking programs were created for authors and motivational speakers, whose biggest concerns are speaking well and negotiating a speaker agreement.

But you have a business to run.

You’re not out here simply to motivate people with eloquent words and tear jerker stories; you’re trying to make some money!

For an entrepreneur like you, speaking is leverage for selling more of your services and programs, and I’m here to help you every step of the way.



I specialize in crafting addresses that convert listeners into paid clients. My intention is to help my clients reach their first 6 figures, or scale to multiple 6 figures.


Let’s get started. Book your free discovery call today and let’s talk about how leveraging public speaking can make your business more profitable.


Let’s unpack this a little more.

Motivational speakers focus on sharing tips and tricks from their books and influence listeners with chants, hand raises, and stories about their childhood. (And yes, they are really good at it!)

But we entrepreneurs are more than just speakers; we’re industry exerts.

We have years of experience in our field and the people we serve aren’t looking for heartfelt anecdotes; they’re looking for answers. Our clients are organizations and influencers who need our services to enhance their business operations, their marketing, their team management, and more.

Speakers promise inspiration. We promise results.

I am fully equip to help you reach your income goals through speaking. I have a bachelors in psychology, a masters in business, over 8 years experience in sales, and formal training as a professional speaker.

On my very first engagement as an entrepreneur speaker, I made $2,800. That’s $1000 more than a 2 week paycheck at my previous corporate job!

I knew then that I had stumbled upon something big.

But why weren’t more people talking about this?

I started digging into programs for public speaking and here’s what I found:

  • Learn how to get booked and paid to speak

  • Improve your public speaking skills

  • Motivate the masses

  • Overcome stage fright

and on and on it went.

Do you see a pattern here? Not one program that I researched promoted monetized speaking with a ‘sales centered’ approach. Listen, getting booked is not selling. Nor is speaking, or informing, or storytelling.

Selling is selling.

Yes, you can learn how to get paid to speak at an engagement, but did you know there are 7 other ways to make money once you’re there?

I’ve identified 8 ways for entrepreneurs to maximize their income through public speaking. It’s more than just getting paid to BE there; it’s about knowing what to do to get paid while you ARE there. If you want to learn more, book your complimentary discovery call today.