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(even if you’re afraid to get on stage, are not an extrovert, or don’t know where to start)

You’re a consultant. A coach. A freelancer. A service provider.

Your business is bringing in consistent, reliable income month over month and now you’re ready to scale.

But how?

You’ve dabbled with tons of entrepreneurial tools, but your profit margin hasn’t changed. Maybe you know all about webinars, funnels, landing pages, and online courses. Sure, you’ve tried blogging, Facebook Ads, SEO, and a bunch of other strategies, but your income isn’t matching all of your hard work.


 Most things you’ve tried have proven too complex to understand, too expensive to maintain, and too time consuming to be worth the effort.

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So now you’re frustrated.

Being ineffective is so NOT your thing, but you’re not progressing and your bank account balance is giving you a migraine because it’s just not growing.

If you’re thinking “My IG feed is super cute, I’ve created freebie after freebie, and I have a decent website, my service is bomb… seriously, I’ve done all the things! What is the issue?”

The truth is that you don’t need all those robust strategies right now.


All you need is a strategy that’s simple, effective, and profitable.


 A strategy that doesn’t require a team of people to execute. One that doesn’t force you into another software subscription that if the site implodes, you’re screwed. One that doesn’t pose a huge learning curve, can be applied quickly, and produces a new stream of income.

“But Gernae, what other options could there possibly be? I’ve tried just about everything I could think of!”

Well sis, there is one thing you may not have considered.

It’s time for you to try a simple, effective strategy that you can use to increase your profit margin without creating a new service or product or downloading any additional software or technology.


It’s time to build your profitable speaking platform.


Now before you go running and screaming into the night, sit down, take a deep breath, and lean in.

Change can be scary I know, and for some, the idea of speaking in public terrifies them more than going head to head with a lion!

But with courage and the right strategy, you will be a beastly communicator, and that fear that you have now will be replaced with roaring confidence. Let me let you in on something.

There are misconceptions of what a speaker is and what a speaker does.

You DO NOT have to be the next Mel Robbins! You don’t need to become certified, go back to school, or try and sound like MLK Jr. on the microphone.

You don’t even need a physical stage!

Change can be scary, but courage can see you through

But what you do need, is a little courage and the RIGHT strategy to help you meet and exceed your income goals to scale your business.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.


 Speaking has irrefutable qualities that other strategies simply cannot replicate.


Speaking unlocks unlimited earning potential through monetizing your message, selling your current signature offers to the masses, and increasing your profits for years to come. Have courage sis!

Activate the power of speaking in your business by registering for my upcoming FREE masterclass, Keynote to CA$H.


 In this 90 minute live presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How you can make speaking work for your business, regardless of your service or speaking ability

  • 7 benefits of incorporating a speaking strategy into your offerings

  • 6 steps to building your speakers strategy

  • The profit potential speaking can produce for your business

  • The 4 main speaking style types

  • How to keep your calendar full

  • And more!

Keynote to cash, keynote to ca$h


 Again, this is a LIVE presentation, so I’ll be there to answer any questions you may have. I’m looking forward to meeting you inside the masterclass!

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Chat with you soon!