This is engagement at it’s finest!

Most company events are the same…they hire a band, they have a DJ, awards banquet, and people leave the event thinking, “That was nice.”

Bring Gernae Alexander in to speak at your next event and people will rave, “WOW! That was freakin’ awesome!”

The moment Gernae steps on stage, you’ll be captivated by her approach. She delivers a compelling message that’ll light a fire in your audience and leave them wanting more.

Here’s what event planners and participants have to say:

From a classroom of 3 students, to a venue full of millennials, to an arena of 30,000 professionals, Gernae inspires them all!

If you have an auditorium full of entrepreneurs, there’s no better speaker than Gernae Alexander to inspire actionable change, perseverance, and everyday courage.

In a room full of executives, Gernae’s remarkable presentations will demonstrate how to lead courageously to motivate your team of employees.

Gernae’s dynamic presentations are custom tailored to address the specific needs of your audience. Listeners will leave invigorated and equip with powerful tools they can use immediately. Here are the common themes she covers:


Business Acumen and Professional Development


Personal Development

Women’s Empowerment

Youth Empowerment



Gernae is passionate about providing valuable content that’s actionable, easy to understand, and highly effective. Gernae operates using a ‘no fluff’ method that’s relatable, authentic, and drives results.

Gernae’s warm, down to earth personality encourages audience members to participate openly and willingly in the experiences she creates specifically for them. Her number one goal is to listen to your needs and deliver!



Ready to bring Gernae in for your next event? Email Gernae directly at PR@GERNAEALEXANDER.COM or set up a free appointment to discuss your needs by clicking below!