(Even if you don’t know where to find leads, how to pitch, or how to stay organized)


Any of this sound familiar?

“How do I find places to pitch for workshops or speaking?”

“I am pretty good with what needs to be said. I just need tips and knowing who contact.”

“I’m tired of speaking for exposure, I need to get paid!”

You’re a consultant. A service provider. A coach.

You’ve incorporated speaking into your business strategy because you know all about how it increases revenues and converts clients out the wazoo.

But you’re struggling.

You’ve worked on the art of speaking. You’ve tamed your fear of speaking.

You just can’t seem to land many (or any) gigs!

You’ve researched, read books, and googled just about everything you can think of, but nothing has helped.

Enough is enough. It’s time to invest in professional help.

But you don’t want to spend weeks inside of an online course or months in some coaching program.

You need events on your books, like yesterday!

I get it.

You don’t have time to commit to some drawn out program, you’re ready to dive in head first and start landing gigs right now.

If this sounds like what you’ve been experiencing, then it’s time to schedule your 1:1 session to get booked and stay booked.

It’s time to Get The Gig.


Save time and make money with this proven system for landing speaking engagements, creating your own speaking opportunities, and more.

This 3 hour intensive is a 1:1 session where you’ll learn exactly how to find quality leads, what to say and do to get booked, and how to keep all the information organized with ease.

Here’s everything you’ll walk away with after this powerful one and done appointment:

  • Who to pitch: industries to target for your specific niche

  • Systematic Outbound leads workflow

  • Step by step Inbound leads process

  • Plug and play correspondence templates and scripts

  • 6 Pitch strategies

  • Simple Leads management system

Take a second and really think about how this program could be an utter and complete game changer for your speaking strategy.

Imagine no longer relying on referrals or favors, and instead having people come to you.

Instead of wishing for new engagements, imagine having several engagements a month, sometimes multiple in the same week.

Imagine what kind of profits this can bring into your business and what you could do with that type of income.

You’ll use this effective, results driven system year after year to increase your revenues, fill your calendar and convert new clients along the way.

I invite you to jump on a call with me to learn more about this outstanding program.

No more wondering who to reach out to.

No more struggling with finding the right words to pitch your speaking services.

No more fussing over organization or losing important information about your prospects.

Get The Gig already, and get off the struggle bus once and for all.