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WHAT DO YOU speak about?

I speak on an array of topics from professional acumen and entrepreneurship, to personal achievement and development. Research is a big part of my preparation process. I use human psychology and data to create dynamic presentations to wow your audience.



I help professional speakers improve their performance and organize their businesses operationally. I specialize in branding, CRM, core offerings development, social media management, content strategy, communications, systems and processes, and networking mastery (just to name a few).


who do you serve?

Professional speakers, entrepreneurs, schools, corporations, SMBs and community groups.



Prices vary and are dependent on the needs of your business. Quotes are sent privately once you set up an appointment to make a formal inquiry. Her Naetion public event admission will be advertised on our events calendar and social platforms. Prices are subject to change.


HOW CAN I get in touch with you?

Send an email to or click "Contact Her" in the navigation bar and I’ll reply asap!


What kinds of services do you provide?

For entrepreneurs, I provide 1:1 intensives over the concepts of your choice. For event planners and companies, I am a professionally trained keynote speaker and provide workshops for conferences and corporate audiences.


What's it like to work with you?

First we’ll chat about exactly what you want to accomplish, and then I present you with custom solutions.

Should you decide to hire me, I'll send you a service agreement and a link to make your initial deposit, if applicable.

Once you are in my care, you can expect an outstanding execution of what was agreed upon. You can enter into agreement with me fully expecting to realize the results you desire.


What can I expect at a Her Naetion event?

Expect to have a great time and to learn new skills! I'll teach you things that you can apply to your life immediately following the event. You'll walk away feeling inspired and prepared to tackle your next challenge head on.



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