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THE PROFIT PATH: Scaling Your Business Through Public Speaking

PSA: Public speaking is not about motivating an audience or promoting your book: it’s about sales!

Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, and Mel Robbins aren’t just speaking for the hell of it. They are entrepreneurs maximizing the earning potential that speaking brings.

And guess what else? You don’t even have to set foot on a stage to make money!

Public speaking is defined as the art of oral communication with an audience. If you’re an entrepreneur and you can’t effectively speak about your business, you’re in big trouble.

This workshop will show you:

  • 8 ways entrepreneurs make money through public speaking

  • My 6 point framework for building a profitable speaking strategy to scale your business

  • The #1 skill you need to become an in demand, impactful speaker (HINT: it has nothing to do with how you sound)

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