The Glow Up
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The Glow Up

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Admit it; sometimes you regret growing up.

You're cool on the outside, but on the inside you have no idea how to keep it together. Your body is starting to do really weird things (i.e. pop, ache, swell), no judge will accept your restraining order request against the people hassling you for money (bill collectors suck), and your parents keep telling you how important your credit score is. And relationships... don't even. All you want to do is figure out how to make money, be a world traveler, and create a life you love.

Forget about growing up. It's time to GLOW UP.

You're invited to our 3rd networking event where we'll teach you how to handle your adulting problems with style. Come mingle with other millennials and experts from 6 industries: Fitness, Business, Relationships, Travel, Credit Repair, and Stress Management.

Here's what you can expect at the event:

  • Convos & Connections Networking Social
  • Collaborative Adulting Workshop
  • Open Forum with our expert panelist

Tickets go on sale soon, but space is limited! Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and stay tuned for more details.

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Star Power

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In this competitive market, standing out can be a daunting task. It seems as if everyone has the same strengths, talents, and accomplishments, making it even harder to rise above the crowd.

But what if instead of focusing on trying to be better than the rest, you focused on being different? You are one in a million; you just have to tap into what makes you special.

Discover your distinctive advantages and learn how to use them to propel you towards excellence in every area of your life. Then learn how to clearly articulate this distinction using a powerful networking tool.

What to expect:
* Discover your star power with Empowerment Coach Gernae Alexander
* Networking Pods breakout session
* Convos & Connections networking social

Bring your laptop or tablet to activate your star power on site or complete your lesson at home.

Tickets are $10 and must be paid in advance (library doesn't allow exchange of money on campus). Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

Get your tickets here:

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to Feb 28


This year I'll be hosting Life After Undergrad: What I Learned From Losing, a workshop on professional development, networking, and post grad challenges to prepare students for success in the workforce. If you're registered for the conference click HERE, and don't forget to come by and see me!

My first session is Friday Feb 26th from 2-2:50pm. My second session is Saturday Feb 27th from 9:30-10:20am. 

This workshop is clutch, and I'm not just saying that because I created it, lol.

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