I help women consultants, service providers, authors, and coaches convert clients and increase their income through public speaking.

Maybe you’ve been struggling to hit your income goals and it’s driving you bonkers. You didn’t start this business for it to be an expensive hobby!

You’ve had some success in the past, but now are ready to level up.

There are a ton of strategies out there (trust me, I’ve tried nearly all of them) and many of them can make a huge difference in your business, but if you’re making less than $40k a year, some of these are financially feasible.

Even if you are making more than $50k annually, you want to avoid adopting solutions that require an entire team to implement, are difficult to understand, or don’t feel authentic to how you want to run your business.

If you’re looking for a recession proof strategy that isn’t software or technology dependent, and doesn’t require a huge learning curve, then speaking is that simple yet effective strategy you’ve been searching for.

You’re a busy woman.

You’ve got a family to care for, are involved in your community, may still be managing a full time job, and still have a business to run amidst it all.

You may not have time to dive into a year long mastermind or 6 month coaching program; you want results now!

I got you.

If you’re ready to start building your profitable speaking platform (like yesterday), I invite you to book your One & Done session with me today.

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Check out the descriptions below to discover the session that’s right for you.

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If you’re new to speaking, this is a great place to start!

In this 30 minutes session, I’ll conduct a 5 point check on your brand and show you how to strategically position your business for profit through public speaking.


Develop a dynamic speech that’s impactful, engaging, and converts listeners into paying clients.

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A simple yet effective way to organize leads and getting paid to speak. Learn all 6 strategies for making money through speaking, filling up your calendar and more.