Remember MySpace?

It was one of the first social media websites to surface (2003) and people were uber excited to find out they had made someone’s top 5 list. It was designed primarily for adults and most people used it as a personal dating profile, to promote their indie albums, or follow their favorite celebrities.

Then Facebook hit the scene in 2004, a virtual playground for coeds. I like to call these the good ole days when access required your college email, because I knew my parents couldn’t join, lol.

Now Facebook has evolved into what it is today, and MySpace is almost nowhere to be found.

Remember Napster?

This 1999 jewel was an online platform where people could share music files with each other for free! Everybody had Napster, until they got in trouble for copyright infringement… Another trending platform that bit the dust.

Both MySpace and Napster were infamous, but neither stood the tests of time. Facebook is thriving, but once enough of our grandparents have profiles (or we become grandparents, lol), it’s going to fizzle out as well.

One day, Instagram may be a thing of the past and Snapchat will dwindle into a forgotten space of random 30 second clips on the interwebs.

Trending platforms only last for a season.

The danger some entrepreneurs face is relying on trends to make their business profitable. What will you do when the trend dies? Grab hold to another fad?

This bandwagon approach makes sustainability really challenging, because each time you’ll have to start over with your approach.

How about a simple, effective strategy that lasts?

Speaking has been with us since the dawn of time.

God spoke and the heavens were formed. Aristotle presented philosophy and science on the plazas of ancient Greece. Abraham Lincoln gave The Gettysberg Address, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his I Have A Dream speech.

Get my drift?

Speaking is the key to freedom in your business. It’s always been here and it will stand the tests of time. You know what you need to do next, right?

It’s time to build your profitable speakers platform.

I invite you and your business besties to join me in my Facebook group Speak For Profit With Gernae Alexander, a group designed to support you on your journey as you build a profitable speaking platform selling your services and products.

Have courage!

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