Put The Book Down

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I'm a bookworm at heart (and a nerd if I'm honest, lol.) There's nothing I love better than setting up a blanket and pillows, grabbing lemonade and snacks, and cozening up to a good read for hours on end.

In fact, I believe that the world would be a better place if we all embraced the beautiful serenity that comes with sticking your nose in a book.

But today, I bring another message: Put the book down!

I know. You love to learn by nature, so you love to read and research to your heart's content, but chances are you're now stuck in student mode and it's hurting your business.

"Gernae, how can learning hurt my business? Wouldn't that help my business?"

That really depends.

Information alone makes you a whole lot smarter, but it doesn't make you any richer. You did go into business to financially sustain yourself, right? Well raw data does nada for your pockets.

Even the word 'information' is a noun in itself, but building a business takes 'action' and that's a verb! It's what you DO that will determine your success, regardless of your knowledge base.

Even someone with little knowledge can stumble upon monetary gain quicker than a person who doesn't venture outside of the library.

Usually those stuck in student mode are covering up some underlying paralysis, and THAT'S exactly what's holding you back.

Here are 3 reasons you may be avoiding taking real action in your business.


Everyday it seems like there's a new software being released, a new social media platform to join, new ways to deliver information.

You don't want to get behind on the curve so you absorb every webinar advertised on your newsfeed, download like ALL the PDFs available on the subject, and spend your lunches trying not to spill ketchup on your tablet while you devour eBooks.

Put the book down; you can't know everything, sis.

There will ALWAYS be something new and shiny on the market, but you have enough information to start.

In fact, I challenge you to use the knowledge you have and see how many ways you can actively apply it to your business. You'd be surprised how far you'll go with what you already know (hey, that rhymed, lol.)


You're experiencing data overload!

You have so much info swimming around in you brain that it feels like the whole world is spinning and you can't think straight. Every time you think about taking action, you become overwhelmed because no place seems like the right place to start.

Put the book down; start with your why.

Your why in business is the source of your drive. Discover your reasons for going into entrepreneurship by digging deeper than "I need more money."

Money is great to have, but it is a poor motivator on your darkest of days.

You need to pick reasons that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning, inspire you, and give you the courage to keep going when the times get rough.

Take time today to write down your why. No one else will see this, so really look into your heart and declare exactly what you want on the page.


Success scares a lot of people.

It's like, how dare you make money doing what you love when so many other people are following the status quo? Who are you to be wealthy AND happy? Can you really have it all?

Yes! Yes you can!

Put the book down! Entrepreneurship is scary and has a lot of frightening moments, but it's also terrifyingly gratifying!

But you'll never experience the freedom of setting your own hours, traveling for leisure all year long, and making an impact on the world if you get so afraid that you won't act.

This is the only time I'll ever give this type of advice. Heck, it felt like betrayal even typing it just now, but it was for a worthy cause, lol.

Seriously though. You. Are. Brilliant.

Trust the process and have courage to take action today in your business.

On the flip side, I'm always looking for awesome reads to add to my bookshelf! Any suggestions? Comment below!