Master Conversational Sales

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My newsfeed feels like an ambush.

On any given day, someone is prompting me to try their new MLM product, see if I'm "open to making another source of income on the side," or to enroll in their new 3 month online program.

I just wanted to see whose birthday is was!

Is this rampage of blunt selling making you anxious about sales? Is that why you won't even tell people you're a business owner for fear that they'll think you're trying to stuff your services down their throat?

Trust me, I understand the sentiment, but you gotta learn to sell!

If you're breaking out into a sweat, don't panic; you can turn any conversation into a sale without making your listener or yourself uncomfortable through conversational selling.

I'm not talking about this kind:

Them: "I need to get my finances together."

You: "Then you should buy my book on financial management!"

I'm talking about the kind of conversation that has natural ebbs and flows, is strategic and patient, and asks for permission to present your solution.

If you've gotten this far into the article and you're like, "Can't I just post a Facebook Ad and create sales posters for IG instead?"

Well, you could, but they won't make a difference if you can't sell in your copy, and if you can't close the deal once they inquire further.


  1. So you won't sound like a used car salesman.

  2. So people won't run screaming for the hills when they see you, for fear that you'll try to make them sample your product.

  3. So you can be self sufficient and stop relying completely on technology and social media.

  4. So that any day, any moment can be an opportunity to make money.

  5. So you don't have to pay someone else to do it for you.


If you're ready to sell with ease and improve your closing rate, click the button below to schedule your free inquiry session with me today. We'll identify your stressors when it comes to sales, create a strategy to overcome them, and I'll present you with a strategy to master conversational sales for your business.

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