When Being Fully Booked Is A Bad Thing

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Being booked is every entrepreneur's dream!

Your calendar is full, you're making money, and people are lining up to work with you. If you've never experienced this, the day you do will feel like "Mama I made it!"

But believe it or not, there can actually be a downside to this for some business owners.

It's possible that all your slots are filled, but it's too much for you to manage effectively. Or maybe you're still not making the kind of money you need to hit your income targets.

These two scenarios are what make our lives miserable. We start to resent our clients (as if it's their fault we're overwhelmed), we become frustrated because our income doesn't match our income, and our passion to do do business starts to feel like another job we invented for ourselves.

Not only that, but there is literally no more room to take on more clients so you start to feel stuck in this nightmare.

You may have even considered going back to work, because heck, it would be a whole lot easier.

It's okay girl, I'm here to help!

You can remedy this situation easily with a little strategic planning and by incorporating systems into your business.


SET YOUR INCOME GOALS FIRST- How much money do you want to be making every month?

REVIEW YOUR OFFERINGS- How many clients will it take to meet your income goals?

SET YOUR MAGIC NUMBER- How many clients can you manage responsibly without your business taking over your life and you being able to help each one experience the results they're looking for?

REVISE YOUR OFFERINGS- If it takes you 100 clients to meet your goal, either you need to offer high end products to meet it faster, or it's possible you're not charging enough, or both.


MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER- What areas can you turn into fully or partially automated processes so you can free up more of your time?

ELIMINATE THE FLUFF- What tasks are you managing that do nothing for your business? I got rid of my Twitter account because I hated the platform and it wasn't ideal for my brand.

LIGHTEN THE LOAD- What tasks can you you integrate so that it takes less effort to get the job done?


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