You're Rebranding... Again?

You need more clients.

That's the whole reason behind this, right? There you were, thinking of ways to monetize your business when a thought occurred,

"Hm, maybe I'm not attracting my target audience well enough. If I switch up my visual brand, people will take me seriously as a professional and actually give me a chance to help them."

A noble hypothesis (a little off, but noble.)

What you're trying to do is honorable, but how you're trying to do it is where the problem lies. Logos, headshots, and visually simulating websites are great to enhance your brand, but are not the brand itself.

I repeat; visual branding is not what makes your business a business!

Professionals like to toss around the word 'brand' a lot, but this has confused the public as to what branding really entails. Allow me to clear the air.

Branding is the feel of your business and the transformation your audience experiences as a result from interacting with your company.

Ok, so you need money.

Here are 3 strategies for branding your business the right way this time!


The most basic level of monetizing your business comes with developing your brand's identity by answering 3 questions: Who are you, what do you do, and how do you do it.

Who Are You?- Simply put, this is your title. It's how your audience will recognize your potential contribution to their efforts. This first step is where a lot of people eff up.

They make up an imaginary, out of this world title for themselves because it sounds fun and interesting.

Well as fun as it is, and as creative as you are, no one knows what the heck a "sassy innovation goddess" is!

You are confusing people and confused clients don't convert into paid customers.

Select a title that's easy to understand and gets straight to the point.

What Do You Do?- The lame man's description of what service you provide. Don't get caught up in jargon and 'fancy' speech. You want people to grasp it the first time without a drawn out explanation.

If you can't describe what you do in 10 words or less, you've probably already lost the battle.

How Do You Do It?- Your actual offerings. Here's where you list what methods you use to deliver your services.

When you establish your brand's identity, you will command the attention of your audience.


Repeat after me: Selling is how you make money. Not logos, not IG hashtags, not live stream videos. Selling.

Even if your branded shoot can slay the red carpet and your website is puts other sites to shame, it will mean nothing if you cannot get people to buy from you!

I know it's scary and you've been avoiding it like the plague... but that's why you're broke sis.

Rebrand yourself into a sales master and watch your bank account grow.


Make sure your content is speaking to YOUR audience.

I spoke to a business owner the other day who said she wanted to help established entrepreneurs go from 5 figures to 6 figures, but when I got to her website, all the content targeted issues experienced by start ups.

The disconnect between your aim and your message ruins every strategy you attempt because you're attracting the wrong people.

If you want to help foster families, point out issues they face in particular, not just the woes of parenthood. If you want to empower novice entrepreneurs, highlight tips for getting started, not advanced software and tactics.


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