If you’re like many successful consultants, coaches, and service providers, you may have noticed that something funny is going on with your money.

Your business has been pretty successful for a while now. Finding new customers isn’t a problem (thank you Lord) but you need to level up.

Your numbers aren’t rising.

You used to pray for even just one paying client, but now you’re worry that your profit margin has been stunted to $4-5k every month. Once you deduct expenses, taxes, and overhead costs, that’s not a lot to show for all your hard work!

I get it.

It’s not like you just want money for money’s sake, it’s that your ambitions have outgrown your income. There are things you want to accomplish in your business that $40 to $50k annually just can’t provide.

Your business pays most of the bills, but now you’re ready to fuel the dream.

If you could just reach more people somehow, keeping overhead costs low, the revenues gained could be used for other projects.

One reason you’re not hitting your income goals is that you haven’t found a strategy that suits you. You don’t really want to fool with SEO and algorithms right now, and hiring contractors or team members to build funnels and run ads is a lot more than you want to spend.

The great news is that there’s a strategy that doesn’t call for any of that, one that’s simple, effective, and profitable. Here’s the question I have for you:

Have you considered scaling your business through a public speaking?

Hear me out.

There’s no techy formulas required, you have complete control over the narrative, and it’s verbal copy that can compound your revenues in a single address.

And instead of $40k annually, how’d you like to make that in a matter of hours?

Speaking has the power to unlock unlimited earning potential, and the best part is that you don’t have to depend on technology or other people to make it work for your business.

Join me in my Facebook group Speak For Profit With Gernae Alexander, a group designed to support you on your journey as you build a profitable speaking platform selling your services and products.

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Have courage!

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