Congratulations for surviving the entrepreneur gauntlet!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% fail in their first year, but here you are making consistent profits by clearly articulating how their service solves their market’s problem.

You’re a consultant, service provider, or professional whose graduated from survivor mode to sustainable income and now it’s time to turn your focus scaling.

When entrepreneurs are ready to scale, here are 3 common ways they go about it.

Strategy 1: Jumping straight for the jugular. They develop an intensive year long coaching program and charge premium pricing. The problem is that it’s so time consuming that it’s difficult to manage with their current offerings. They don’t have the capacity to serve their clients at this level yet, so their forced to retire the program and issue refunds.

Strategy 2: A mastermind. This is a very lucrative option but entrepreneurs soon discover that without a team of 3 or more behind them, they’re not actually prepared to maintain it nor are they ready to hire anyone. Another file for their future projects binder.

The 3rd way is the best way, but it takes most entrepreneurs bumping their heads before they arrive there. Strategy 3 is applying a simple yet effective strategy that helps them achieve their income goals.

How? By leveraging skills and resources they already have!

There’s no one way to successfully scaling your business, but I’ll make things easier by offering you a beeline to a highly profitable, simply applicable strategy:  Market and sale your services through public speaking.

Think about it.

Speaking is verbal copy that builds your know/like/trust factor. Nothing says “credible expert” like being a featured presenter and you can use the opportunity to convert clients and multiply your revenues to 4 and 5 figures in a single event.

Head over to my Facebook group Speak For Profit With Gernae Alexander, a group designed to support you on your journey as you build a profitable speaking platform selling your services and products.

Have courage and I’ll see you on the next level!

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