Gratitude = Prosperity

The law of reciprocity says that when you give something to someone, they feel obligated to give you something in return.

This is why businesses create freebies and handouts for their audience, because they're hoping to gain something in exchange (typically an email address.)

But have you ever considered the power behind gratitude? The simple act of showing appreciation for what's going right not only lifts your spirits, but everyone else's spirit around you.

Now pair this with the law of reciprocity and you get PROSPERITY. I don't just mean prosperity in a financial sense, but in every area of your life.

You can have a prosperous marriage.

Prosperous friendships.

Prosperous communities.

Prosperous yoga practice.

Seriously, there is so much more to gain from this life than just money, but we'll start there (this is the Bankroll Blog after all, lol).


If you want people to pour into your life (and into your business) you must make it a practice to give the gift of gratitude.

It's simple: you don't hang out with/support/buy from people you don't like. Negativity, pessimism, and a distrust for the unfamiliar are all unattractive characteristics, thus making you pretty unlikable (except to other pessimist, that is.)

Negativity doesn't feel good. In fact, it's down right depressing!

Mel Robbins calls the act of verbalizing your appreciation for something aloud as "savoring". It's because you are savoring the moment or situation for all it's goodness!

When you practice savoring on a regular basis, you become a "breath of fresh air" to others.

Suddenly, everyone wants to invite you to their personal events because they love the way they feel when they are in your presence.

Soon they'll volunteer to support your business because they genuinely want you to succeed.


Because in our minds at an unconscious level, we believe someone is working hard in entrepreneurship who is appreciative for the little blessings in life seems deserving of every happiness.

And it works just as well in every other area of life!

Try this experiment, and you'll see what I mean: The next time you see a waiter or manger doing their job, acknowledge them and their efforts and tell them how appreciative you are of their work.

I guarantee you that person will smile, attempt to make conversation with you, and see to it that all your needs are met during your visit.

Gratitude = Prosperity

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comment section below!

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