Make Real Money This Year With IGAs


All entrepreneurs struggle with staying organized and focused in their business. In the beginning, especially, you try to fill your hours with tasks that are productive so you check your emails, design your work space, post on social media...

But do these things actually make you any money? I'm gonna say no.

Lots of business owners fall victim to busywork, tasks that feel like you're making progress, but aren't actually priorities.

If you want to make real money in your business this year, you need to focus on IGAs:

I - Income

G - Generating

A - Activities

People stray away from IGAs because they have anxiety around money, lead generation, and interacting with people in the industry, but if you want your business to thrive, you have to get over that asap.

Yeah, it does feel weird to ask people for money in exchange for your services (especially when you're asking for what you're worth) but even non-profits need money!

Here are 4 IGAs to help you make real money in 2018:



Consumers look at most products and services as commodities, i.e. they think they're all the same. With this thinking, they search for the cheapest on the market because they believe they all will produce the same results.

By hosting complementary sessions or passing out samples or doing demonstrations, you allow consumers to experience the difference of your brand.

It's an opportunity to show them why your offerings are so valuable and help them to realize that there is a difference between you and the rest of the market.



I can't tell you how many times I've written a business to ask questions about a service, and the response either comes weeks later or not at all!

Inquires are possibly some of the easiest way to generate income in your business because these people don't need convincing of any kind; they found you on their own and they want to learn more.

When you don't respond in a timely matter, consumers say you have dreadful customer service and will quickly move on to someone else.



Socializing with people online is a great way to meet potential clients and partners.

With all the craze surrounding social media, most people don't know how to cultivate REAL relationships online. The "human touch" of connecting with others is in high demand!

Add a personality to the digital representation of your brand by chatting with others and sharing your business goals with them. You'd be surprised how excited some people are to lend a hand!



Traditional methods in business are still and will always be some of the best ways to distinguish yourself as an entrepreneur.

The "who you know" of it all is a powerful strategy for creating opportunities for your brand.

Have you ever looked at someone who's in the spotlight and thought, "How in the world did THEY get so successful? I can do better than that!"

And chances are that you can!

The difference between them and you isn't necessarily talent; that person is just better connected.

Do yourself a favor and make your presence known in the industry. Soon people will know you as the go to person for your expertise (as long as you know what the heck you're doing) and you'll receive referrals, new contracts, and who knows, maybe even a TV feature!


What are some other IGA's you can think of? Share them below and let me know what you thought about the article.

Step out on faith,


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