Werk: Monetize Your Fitness Business

 Photo by David Whittaker

Photo by David Whittaker

I suck at working out.

It's not that I don't understand why it's important or how to do the exercises, it's just that I DON'T LIKE TO DO IT, lol. But after I got pregnant and had my daughter, staying fit became a challenge for me. My metabolism dropped so I had to figure out ways to incorporate it into my lifestyle in ways I enjoyed. If you want to know how I did it, keep your ears on our Millennial Podcast because I'll be sharing my story soon!

Here are 7 strategies for monetizing your fitness business.


Gym memberships make up 60% of the fitness industry's income, so why not take it online? People will join your gym from all over the world to take classes in ZUMBA, weight training, etc. from your certified team of instructors (passive income) or yourself.


Help your clients keep track of their progress through detailed fitness journals that help them stay on track and feel accomplished. Brainstorm on other products to enhance their fitness journey.


Everyone has a starting point. This service will help clients figure out exactly what they are and aren't capable of doing (range of motion, strength, blood pressure, etc) and then create a high level plan to start them on a fitness routine at their level. The up sale? Guiding them through a detailed strategy to help them achieve their goals.


Gear, equipment, trinkets, demonstrations, classes- create an experience that allows your audience to experiment with new ways to incorporate health and fitness into their lives. Partner with other businesses to add variety, and recruit sponsors who align themselves with health principles.


People love a good story. Share your personal journey into fitness and then give expert advise for readers in a candid eBook. Once your audience gets to know who you are and learn about your struggles and victories, they'll want to join your tribe because they feel like they're on the journey with you!


Consider expanding your services beyond the gym. Nutrition, meal planning, natural remedies- most people who are into fitness are open to discovering new ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Whatever you select, make sure it resonates with who you are and most importantly, resonates with your audience's needs.


Ever been to a ZUMBA party? It's an event that brings ZUMBA lovers together for one big class. Create your own live experience that not only connects fitness lovers, but it also allows you to introduce them to new solutions your business has to offer through demonstrations, testimonials, and trial offers.


In what ways are you excited to monetize your business? Share in the comment section below, and as always, keep stepping out on faith.

- Gernae

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