Namaste: Monetize Your Yoga Business

 Photo by Chevanon Photography

Photo by Chevanon Photography

I am a HUGE fan of yoga, so this was a really fun project for me to dive into this week. I've been practicing on and off for 12 years, but I'm trying to finally make the transition into full blown yogini (female practitioner). If you wanna see me strike a few yoga poses and check out my experience at YogaFest CLICK HERE to access my YouTube Channel!

Here are 7 recommendations for monetizing your yoga business.


I just attended one of these this past weekend and it was a yogi's dream! There were free classes all day on the grass, vendor booths from gear to supplements to probiotic drinks, goodie bags and more. You can sell products, host demonstrations, and network with your tribe. This is the perfect way to boost your mailing list in a way that personally connects you to your audience members who live in your backyard. Set up a funnel to collect their info and partner with the recreation activity department for your city to put on a free event for the public. If you play your cards right, this could be an annual event on your calendar.


Yoga enthusiast are on the constant search for information to help deepen their practice of the craft. Provide a free value packed webinar for your audience and present an offering at the end that will take their yoga game to the next level. When both the webinar and the offering are automated, this will provide passive income for years to come.


Dive into the culture behind the poses and write an eBook for your tribe. You can focus on important figures, fun facts in history, and break down different yoga variations in beautifully imaged tutorials.


Write everything you know and discover along your journey on a static website in the form of a blog or online magazine. Then sell advertising space to supplement vendors, equipment companies, essential oil businesses, and organic solution advocates. Even if you stop writing one day, your website will continue to pay you again and again.


Pants, mats, bras, shirts, socks, gloves, shoes, jewelry, pillows, word art, stickers, illustrations- Yogis LOVE showing off their mindful lifestyle. Research what manufactures you can work with to release your own line of products and create an online store for your audience to browse. Save on storage space by investigating drop ship options, and make sure to showcase your inventory by wearing or featuring your products in your media communications and at live events.


Create a monthly subscription service themed on the world of yoga. A popular trend right now are box kits full of trinkets related to a particular topic. You can work with local vendors to have them provide you with the content (that's advertising for them) and create an effective system for collecting and distributing the kit. It's like a getting a present every 30 days!


Create a year long elite program that provides a form of transformation for your participants. Help them advance in their practice through education, meditation, yoga sessions, certification, and include a retreat to a yoga paradise where they can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of Nirvana.


Wow, even just writing about this gets me pumped to jump on the mat and practice my asanas! What other ideas can you think of to monetize your yoga business? Share the wealth below in the comment section and as always, step out on faith!

- Gernae