Quiet Time: Make The Most of Q4


I love this gif of Beyonce in the studio. She and Jay Z are up at 4am working. They haven't been seen in the media for a few months and have been quietly working in the background (look at J's hair, lol). They are tired, dressed down, and though their coffee supply is low, their spirits are high! That's because they're about to drop a bomb ass album!

For a lot of entrepreneurs, the end of the year is on the slower side. You're not taking new clients because you want to enjoy family time (as you should!) but maybe you're feeling anxious about the year to come.

You're thinking "Next year will be my best year yet... I hope."

Don't freak out. I know you're doing a lot of thinking about this past year's successes and failures in your business, but next year really can be the year that changes everything- if you plan it right.

Here's how you create a strategy for a profitable and productive 2018:


The best way to gain clear direction for where you're going in your business is to put it on the calendar. This strategy allows you to eliminate confusion and keeps you focused because you can literally see what's coming. If you're releasing a new book in May, you know how to best use your time in March and April. If you're speaking at an event in September, you can perfect and practice it for a test audience in August. Include vacations, service and product launches, events, and collaboration projects.


What conferences, programs, or events do you want to attend that will help you with your entrepreneurial development? The best way to improve in your industry is to invest in experiences that will add to your knowledge base, allow you to interact with leaders in your field, and network with people who can help you elevate your business. Research what experiences are out there that will help you grow and pick 2 or 3 to attend. (Don't forget to place them on your calendar!)


Most people know WHAT they want to accomplish in their business, but don't invest time in developing the HOW it's going to happen part. Jim Rohn said "Success is 20% skill, 80% strategy." If you don't have a road map, you're likely to fall off track or end up somewhere you shouldn't be. For every goal you set, create a master list of steps you must take to accomplish it. Create a timeline for executing your plan and place it onto your calendar.


What growth experiences do you want to attend next year? What are your business goals? Let me know in the comment section below!

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