Bougie Baller: Be exclusive about who you serve

Imagine you're on a game show standing inside of a wind tunnel. When the host yells go, you will be showered with money and have 60 seconds to grab as much money as possible.

Most people will frantically grab whatever bills they can and try to stuff them in their bag. When the buzzer goes off and they count their money, they probably collected 38 bucks for their trouble.

This is how many entrepreneurs behave when creating a profit strategy. They frantically chase any and every customer who comes their way and walk away with a few hundred dollars for their trouble (if that!)


That's what happens when you're not exclusive about who you serve. You have to be extremely boogie about your target market if you want to build a lucrative business.

I know what you're thinking: "what if I miss out on money? Isn't that being stuck up and judgemental? I should help whoever is willing to hire me, right?" No, ma'am!

1. You are not missing out on money: you're saving yourself from headaches. When you work with just anybody, you have to exhaust your resources on clients because you are not equip to handle every shenanigan they present to you.

You end up sacrificing lots of time, energy, and money working on these projects instead of making a real difference in your ideal client's live.

2. You aren't being stuck up: you're embracing that you aren't compatible with everyone. You are uniquely suited to serve a particular type of person.

Someone who doesn't create friction, who respects you as an expert, and values what you bring to the table. Someone who you can help in excellence!

3. You don't work with who ever shows up: you get to choose who to work with. This is a transition from employee to entrepreneur. Employees serve who ever they are told to help: entrepreneurs serve whoever they want to and turn away those who they don't.

If you're struggling with this one, just think about those retail nightmare stories you've heard about or had in the past. You don't have to work with that entitled, loud mouth who tries to convince you that they write your paycheck and the customer is always right. Freedom!

So what's the right way to go about it? Chase the 100 dollar bills.


When you're in that wind tunnel, you only pick up the Benjamins! You may have fewer bills in your hand, but they add up to way more than even 100 Washingtons, and you made it in the same amount of time with less frantic energy.

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