Swipe Right: Monetize Your Online Dating Business

 Photo by rawpixel.com

Photo by rawpixel.com

Dating can be a baffling and scary experience. The rules of the game have changed and you're likely to run into all sorts of odd characters along the way. My single friends have told me hilarious tales of people "playing the part" and horrifying depictions of creeper types! The search for love (or at minimum, companionship) is a roller coaster ride. CLICK HERE to hear me and my husband's love story on the Her Naetion YouTube Channel.

Here are 7 ways to monetize your online dating business.


A modern take on an old idea. Create an online experience for people to mingle with several prospects in an online lobby of sorts. Allow them to hop into private chat rooms for a limited amount of time and offer question prompts to keep the convo flowing.


People who are looking to get into a serious relationship are likely to seek help. Your dating guide can teach them how to be more confident, how to network, how to break up with someone- there are tons of lessons to be learned. Your eBook just may go viral if you play your cards right.


Help your customers nurture their budding relationships by offering couples courses. Teach them fundamental principles in communication and how to build trust for a healthy partnership. To take it a step further, consider offering marriage counseling options.


Because that's where your market is and they are looking for YOU!


Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to keep things interesting on the dating front. Create a subscription kit that sends customers a package filled with info and trinkets for a fun night on the town with their honey.


Become a writer for an online magazine or monetize a blog of your own by giving expert dating advise. Answer letters from customers, share anecdotes from your own dating life, and incorporate pop culture to offer a variety of content your audience will love.


Take your business offline by creating a weekend away for your audience. Invite current couples for a romantic experience that helps them build their relationship. Or host singles and provide several activities for them to mingle with others and go on mini dates. Make sure to pick a venue and city that has lots of entertainment options and sightseeing for your attendees to choose from during their down time.


Which piece of advise are you most excited about? Let me know in the comment section below, and as always, step out on faith (especially in dating, lol.)




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