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brings in steady, reliable income, but $4-5k a month just isn’t cutting it anymore. Your ambitions have exceeded your income. You've been trying to figure out how to get more clients and close more deals, but you don't have time for developing a new offering.

So you dove into workshops and keynote addresses. You enjoy speaking, you feel mostly prepared… but you’re not making any money. You know that you’re great at what you do, but the only results you’re seeing is from admission fees.

The reason you're struggling trying to monetize your message is because you’ve been focused on speaking, not selling.

Hiring a speech coach, imitating Tony Robbins or joining a speakers bureau hasn’t done anything but added to your overhead costs. Sure, they can teach you tips and tricks for developing a moving speech, but it isn’t motivating anyone to pull out their wallets and buy your services, is it?

Instead of obsessing about not saying ‘um’ and worrying about gesturing too much, it’s time to focus on a ‘sales centered’ strategy.

If you want to scale your business through public speaking, then you need to develop addresses that generate 4 and 5 figures.

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Hi, I’m Gernae Alexander. I teach service based entrepreneurs how to generate 6 figures or more through public speaking.

I've developed a proven system for multiplying your income through keynotes and workshops using a reliable framework and a sustainable process.

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