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You’re a consultant. A service provider. A coach.

Business is good… actually it’s pretty great!

You’re past the struggle bus days in your business (Thank you Lawdy) and are making consistent money every month.

But you’ve been struggling to hit your aggressive income goals and it’s driving you bonkers. Now you’re looking for ways to increase your profits without overloading your to do list.

There are a ton of strategies out there (trust me, I’ve tried nearly all of them) and many of them can make a huge difference in your business, but even though you are making $70k or more annually, you want to avoid adopting solutions that require an entire team to implement, are difficult to understand, or don’t feel authentic to how you want to run your business.

If you’re looking for a recession proof strategy that isn’t software or technology dependent, and doesn’t require a huge learning curve, then speaking is that simple yet effective strategy you’ve been searching for.


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My name is Gernae Alexander and I teach women entrepreneurs how to convert clients and increase their income through public speaking.

I first discovered the profit power of speaking in my own business after landing my first paid gig, making $1000 more from a two hour event than I was making previously from a 40 hour paycheck at my old corporate job.

I immediately set out to maximize this strategy further.

When I researched other experts in this area, I found that speaking is generally towards authors.

While there are entrepreneurs out there using speech to their advantage, not that many people are sharing how to do it in a way that’s profitable.

I’m here to remedy that.

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